About El Paso

By David Berchelmann

A Beautiful El Paso Home

Welcome to El Paso, affectionately know as the Sun City to many that reside here.  El Paso is a town that can’t be taken for face value.  One has to explore the city to truly grasp what a special area this is.

With over 300 days of Sun, El Paso is the perfect place to take advantage of the outdoors.  Enjoy hiking in the surrounding mountains,  cycling under the pecan trees of highway 28, mountain biking in Franklin Mountain State Park, bouldering at Hueco Tanks,  skiing and snowboarding up in Ruidoso, camping under the stars, horse back riding along the Rio Grande, and canoeing,

El Paso is a growing city that doesn’t operate too fast or too slow.  Life is laid back here and family is important.  With many parades and festivals year round, there is always something to do.  Great local cafes and boutiques dot the streets around central El Paso, while new neighborhoods are being built on the far edges of the city in almost every direction.


The University of Texas El Paso is growing and has added new buildings for Computer Science & Engineering, Nursing, and a brand new Student Life Center.  Fort Bliss is undergoing over $5 billion in construction as they make way for more soldiers who are being transferred there.  Infrastructure around the base is also being upgraded to handle the increase in traffic.

The new Texas Tech four year medical school, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, accepted it first class in 2009.  Next door is the University Medical Center where a brand new, state of the art, children’s hospital is being built.  With a population of over 800,000, El Paso is growing to meet the needs of its citizens.

You have found yourself in a city in the midst of a transformation.  A transformation that will hold onto tradition and culture of old but progress towards becoming a model city of the 21st century.

Welcome to El Paso.

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