El Paso Communities

Click the link for a community for detailed information and homes currently for sale in each of these neighborhoods.

Upper Valley
Located in the shadow of the Franklin Mountains.
Resides in 79922 and the 79932 zip codes.

Kern Place
Just North of downtown and literally across the street from the University.
Resides in the 79902 zip code

West Side
Across from the Upper Valley, the El Paso West Side resides on the more rocky terrain of the Franklin Mountains.
Resides in the 79912 & 79911 zip codes

East Side
The East side of El Paso is where a majority of the population calls home.  The East side features locations that are close the El Paso International Airport and also the gates at Fort Bliss.
Resides in the 79925, 79928, 79935, 79936, & 79938 zip codes

Sunset Heights
Sunset Heights is located in the Central El Paso area.  In this neighborhood, located between UTEP and downtown, one will find an area of opportunity.
Resides in the 79902 zip code