Firsts Ave Lofts

For a long time in El Paso a potential homeowners  options were new homes, resales, suburban style condos and apartments.   One element that was missing was downtown living.  Recently, the First Avenue Lofts in downtown El Paso were recently completed.  The building,  designed by Trost & Trost, carries historical significance that has been preserved to this day.

There are nine lofts total with only three left to available for purchase.  There are two on the third floor and one basement unit.  The units feature,refrigerated air, private parking, stainless steel appliances, garage door style windows, unique tile work in each bathroom,  walk in closets plus many  more great features.

At the end of the day, there is a rooftop terrace where you can go up to and have a drink, lounge, or have a BBQ.  The first avenue lofts are close to UTEP, Texas Tech Medical School, University Medical Center, city hall, downtown offices, plus the county and federal buildings.

The lofts are located at 300 S. Florence St. Below, you can see the transformation from before the redevelopment and then the final look.  A lot of money was invested in creating this living space and the time and effort put into this building can be seen in the layout and design of the lofts.

Preview the First Avenue Lofts in this Virutal Tour.

Below are drive times to selected location throughout the city.  All destinations start at the lofts.

City Hall 3 min drive or 15 min walk

UTEP7 min drive

University Medical Center/Texas Tech Medical School 7-8 min drive

Chase Tower downtown 2 min drive or 11 min walk

Mills Building downtown2 min drive or 12 min walk

County Courthouse1 min drive or 5 min walk

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