QR Codes and Real Estate – Are they really the next big thing?

It’s common for real estate agents and real estate coaches to jump on a piece of technology and declare it the

Hi, nice to meet you Jim. I don't have time to talk so let me scan your QR code so I can learn more about you....got it....welp...see ya later!"

biggest advancement to real estate marketing in decades.  It seems that some of them think that if you aren’t using QR codes, then you might as well be living in the 1950’s with black and white televisions.

Technology’s place in the real estate world can be very effective but if used in the wrong way, it can be a detriment even turnoff for potential buyers and sellers.

Today, you can find QR codes everywhere you go.  From magazines and business cards to banners and car magnets, QR codes have managed to find a place to call home.

So what will a QR code do for your listing if used the right way?  It will allow a wider range of the population to access your listing and gather information about the home that you might not be able to fit on a flyer.

There are areas where it might not be useful to use a QR code, such as an area with terrible cell phone reception or maybe in a town where a majority of the population doesn’t utilize technology.    According to comScore, who recently completed a study on QR Code use, they found that 6.2% of the total mobile audience scanned a QR code in June.

So while not everyone scans the  QR codes in front of them, it can still be a valuable marketing tool as long as it takes the user to relevant and valuable information and is placed in the right location.

If you like QR codes, just wait for Augmented Reality….it’s the next big thing.


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